Nệm Bông Hai Mặt Cho Thú Cưng

Nệm Bông Hai Mặt Cho Thú Cưng

Nệm Bông Hai Mặt Cho Thú Cưng

Nệm Bông Hai Mặt Cho Thú Cưng

Nệm Bông Hai Mặt Cho Thú Cưng
Nệm Bông Hai Mặt Cho Thú Cưng
Double-Sided Cotton Mattress For Pet

Winter is coming and you are wondering about having to change a new mattress to fit the weather, for your pet. If you are looking for a product that can be used for both hot summers and cold winters, then our "Double-Sided Cotton Mattress For Pet" series is the perfect choice for you.

Double-Sided Cotton Mattress For Pet is a product, designed with the outer edge of a layer of cotton 10 cm high soft and firm, ensuring the warmth necessary for pets for a good night's sleep as well as a comfortable place to lie. The middle part is a detachable double-sided cotton mattress, one side is a long fther in winter and one side is short for summer.

With a removable design in the middle of the cotton mattress, this product offers users a variety of uses and can be easily cleaned and transported. The product is made of 100% natural cotton, so it will not cause pets to itch because of the artificial cotton thread stabbing into the skin, the sewing lines are firm, skillful, not to show the thread.

Products with a variety of colors such as Mint Green, Light Blue, Gray, Warm Gray, Brown Gray, Pink, Brown, ... suitable for different tastes. Product dimensions are based on the current market size of 53x10 cm.

Double-Sided Cotton Mattress For Pet is the product that we put in it all the enthusiasm and affection with the desire to bring the best quality products to customers. We are committed to the product 100% as shown. Products are allowed to exchange within 7 days if the supplier error.

Now, available in https://shopee.vn/harniepetloves 

Customers wishing to purchase wholesale please contact Annie 0357.169.405.

Harnie Petloves designs and manufactures large quantities according to customers' requirements.

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