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Nhà Bông Cao Cấp Cho Thú Cưng

Nhà Bông Cao Cấp Cho Thú Cưng
Nhà Bông Cao Cấp Cho Thú Cưng
High Quality Cotton House For Pet

Not just a pet but for many people today, cats and dogs are also friends and family members. Therefore, their health care is increasingly concerned. The first criterion for dogs and cats to be healthy, of course, is a good living environment. A place lying smoothly and safely; A good night's sleep will make our pets more alert and active, the resistance will also be strengthened, avoiding pests.

With all the love and care for pets Harnie Pet love has launched a product line of premium bedding Mattresses for pets.

- Size: 40x37x35 cm
- Design: compact, delicate.
- Material: high-grade cotton mattress, do not worry if the pet is itchy because of the fur on the body, the sewing lines are firm and skillful, not to show the pattern.
- Color: Blue

We guarantee Vietnamese products, Korean quality, manufactured according to export standards. 100% product commitment as shown. Products are allowed to exchange within 7 days if the supplier error.
Winter is coming and the weather is getting colder, Choose a comfy and warm bed as a gift for your pet.
Customers wishing to purchase wholesale please contact Annie 0357.169.405.
Harnie Petloves designs and manufactures large quantities according to customers' requirements.

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